A New Year Already

After a very busy Christmas and New Year full of family - extended and immediate, it's back to quiet here by the sea. Which is nice after all the chaos.  (It will also be nice to have the ensuite working again after the plumber has been tomorrow, but that is another tale.) So. I am attempting to finally establish a proper routine so that I can achieve things without spending all afternoon asleep. (Not intentional, but you know how it is!).  I will let you know how successful I have been in a week or so. For Now, it's baby steps after a poorly patch just before Christmas.

My new loom finally arrived just as Christmas chaos began and so it has languished a bit, but finally, I am in the process of slaying it.  My big and forgiving LeClerc Colonial (60" weaving bed, 4 shaft) has been mothballed for this house, as we just don't have the space. And we have welcomed a Schact Might Wolf (32" weaving bed with 8 shafts).  I am in the process of popping the first warp on to get the measure of it. So far it's fairly easy to use.  Although, I must say, without the stroller wheels it wouldn't be.

Knitting and spinning are trickling along and hopefully I should be able to show more next time.


And Happy New Year to you too, sweetie.

I have a vague memory of giving you those yarns, or am I confused? Doesn't take much these days.
Shiela Dixon said…
Happy New Year Sarah. Health and Happiness to you x