Blowing away the cobwebs

 Saturday saw the first bright day that I've been up to venturing outside in a week. (It's the time of year for dragging colds and flu and general meh-ness).  So we pottered over the hill to Blue Anchor.  A fantastic cold clear day that really blew away all the cobwebs, so a short walk (for DH) and a massive hike (for me) took us along the sea front and into the Driftwood Cafe for a lovely hot cup of coffee (me), and a couple of bottles of apple juice (DH).

The views from the cafe are fantastic, right across the bay to Minehead. really rather splendid.

 And then home, for feet up followed by a little more weaving. This Mighty Wolf is really growing on me.


Just make sure you're nice and healthy for Wales, missus!!