Ok, I admit it!

I fell off the wagon, I weakened, I bought sock yarn. An entire squooshy  scrumptious heap of sock yarn.  Or 7 pairs worth, to put it another way, which should last until March....  I'm not sure why, but whilst I am perfectly willing, if not thrilled to spin my own yarn, there is something about the instant spiffyness of self patterning yarn that pops into a category all of its own!  Also, socks are relatively quick and provide the knitting equivalent of instant gratification (some would argue hats, others baby clothes, but for me it is socks!).  So now I shall sit and gloat over them, trying to decide which ball to knit up first. Whilst finishing my current pair of socks. (Classic Sock Pattern by Nancy Bush in the most fabulously disturbing shades of purple which was a birthday gift from my friend Anita).  I do have other knitting projects on the go, but a distinct inability to be monogamous at the moment.

I have also started weaving on the Mighty Wolf.  The action is very different from the LeClec, but there is a good shed and it is smooth and easy to use. very pleased with the way it is behaving so far.  Now If I could just remember all the things Freyalyn told me about my birthday yarn (which is the weft that I have been saving for ages for precisely the right project) I would be set today.  Can't remember for toffee!