I slowed down.

No, really I slowed right down. To pretty much a stop - and I don't move fast at the best of times.... 

I slowed down to the point where I collapsed and got treated to a huge bout of spasms (not great!) so back to the Dr I went and Oh! Quell Surprise! my meds were too low....  (My fault, no one noticed, it happened so slowly)  So 6 weeks on higher amounts to see if it makes any difference...

Well of course it has!

I have now to be patient enough to wait for my body to catch up with my brain which is already hatching patterns both weaving and spinning.

I should point out here that speed is a relative concept and what I am at the moment so impressed with, still didn't stop me being unable to work out how to use a knife this lunchtime, but is does mean that now I am aware and can ask for rescue!  Everything is relative!