Living by the Sea

Well, technically, on an estuary(ish) is fascinating.  I looked out of my bedroom window this morning and Wales had disappeared again.  We have several theories in this house as to why Wales disappears, ranging from UFOs to a Brigadoon scenario. But more interesting (this morning anyway) was that the tide was going out and so the water was quite obviously flowing from right to left. Later on in the day it will flow from left to right.  This gives the feeling that although we are on dry land we are moving slowly as upon a large ship. Quite exciting really

This week is warp week, and before you ask, no. I haven't finished my 'get to know my loom' length, although I am about 2/3 through and I have discovered a lot. No. This week is the week for winding the next several warps before my warping mill is broken down and put away again for a bit.  As I no longer have a workshop, I no longer have the luxury to leave pieces of equipment up and have to return to carrying out tasks in blocks. So, warps it is this week. Half of the first one was wound last night and I have another 4 and a half to go.  But it very soothing to sit and wind whilst the world seems to be moving past the window.