Because I should be doing this more often!

I really should.  

Life here is settling gently, fabulous sunshine and blustery gales in equal measure. I try to spend a part of each day weaving and spinning and avoid spending too much time napping as I knit. (I said I try!)

I'm slowly working my way through the Fernhill Farm fleece mountain and enjoying every bit! In a couple of days I shall be starting on the last of the colours.... I'm very excited - no really, I am.  Not sharing pictures yet though, I want to be on the last colour before I celebrate.

I have just knitted my way through the Masters coverage from Augusta and am on to the forearms on my Tups jumper, and in a similar position with the Puh cardigan I am knitting for small nephew. Although, now I have found some buttons I have the incentive to finish it and then I shall be able to start something new..... Colour work and ganseys are in my stars I think.

My Wolf is covered in watercress green at the moment (I know it is, as that is what is says it is on the cone), but that will be coming off later today and then I have a deep seated need to break out in rainbows.

It must be Spring seeping into the house.  I really do have a major need for huge swathes of colour.  

Not to worry, Wonderwool Wales 2017 is in a week and a bit......