I nearly didn't miss May.....

It's no good, I just can't resist a good roof line.  This one is from Halsway Manor.  We had a very quiet afternoon out last weekend and spent a couple of hours at the fete.  It was lovely.

It hasn't been a very good month from a health vantage so I shall ignore the ambulances and total exhaustion and stinking colds and move swiftly on to the knitting.

I have been knitting quite a bit this month as I haven't had the energy to weave much or even spin for that matter - which is annoying.  I have managed to finish some holiday spinning and have woven 1/3 of the pashmina on the Mighty Wolf.

But I have managed to knit. A bit.  And also finish some other bits of mending that have been outstanding for some time.

And I'm typing this waiting for Son to bring DH back from Day Surgery at the Musgrave Hospital Taunton (wonderful people BTW) where he's had a plate put in to hold the break and dislocation together in his wrist whilst it heals. (Blown over in the gales yesterday!).

Back to knitting whilst I wait I think.