Well that's been odd

It has been a spectacularly odd couple of weeks.
The DH's broken arm and dislocated wrist was pretty icky in the end.  He now has 2 plates and 12 screws holding his arm together as not only did he break both the radius and ulna, he dislocated his wrist for good measure! He's been off for 2 weeks and we are looking at another 4 at least!

And in turn, that has totally turned life upside down at Watchet Towers and if we want to go anywhere we have to walk or bus it for the foreseeable.  Amazon has become my bestest  friend!

But on the plus side I got some sock knitting done whilst waiting about in the accident department. (The day before the op.)  And I managed to turn the heels as the heat broke last night so tonight it will be picking up and knitting the gussets and finished by the end of the week and then I can justify casting on a shawl using the beadles that finally arrived on the weekend.

I've been looking at some fabulous yarn and yummy beads for a while, but I wanted to try some beadles to attach the beads with. Now all I have to do is find the appropriate shawl pattern.  That will be fun.  At the same time the tennis knitting - a sweater for DS to take to Uni this autumn is progressing slowing but surely, just a simple Elizabeth Zimmerman formula sweater but it's going to be light and snuggly and that is the important thing. 

The weaving is progressing now and the second wrap has now been completed and all the lime and pink has been woven. Only a purple to pink to go and that will be 3 off my loom. I'm getting the hang of the Mighty Wolf, but I do so miss my old LeClerc Colonial.  It's all packed away waiting our next and final house move but that will be a while from now, I shall have to be patient. Not my best trait.

Next time - a spinning update.  Almost got the hang of this regular blogging thing...


Poor Chris. Poor you.

Hugs from everyone here.

See you soon.