Well, that wasn't the week I planned!

Life has not been quiet here for the last week or two. Last Monday, after a lovely weekend with friends and settling in our visitors for the week (we live by the sea side you see), I ended up with an ambulance ride to hospital and an overnight stay. And if the Consultant had had his way, I would still be there so that they could keep an eye on me... Like that was happening!  So instead of bouncing about with the visitors, I have spent a week knitting and napping and attempting to avoid the pain of a recurring spastic diaphragm.

So. As everyone had now gone home in a whirlwind of activity (theirs definitely not mine!)  I'm now sitting here in the quiet and sudden sunshine looking at the good things that have happened in the last week.  Beginning with 3 (yes 3!) shawls coming off my Might Wolf.  They still need to be beaded and fringed and wet finished but they are off ready for the first of 2 wedding shawls to be slain and woven. I am really pleased with the way they are turning out, one is grey and gradients of a hand spun Wensleydale rainbow (courtesy of Freyalyn) and other 2 have fabulous gradients by Wollium. All very nommy.

And then to my treat.  As you know I am lucky enough to own a 70cm Crowdy which at the moment is in the middle of the mammoth spin of Andy Wears Shetland/BFL fleece.  It is managing it amazingly well and produces a fabulous yarn with a smooth treadle and very little effort. 200gm bobbins and all in all a beautiful wheel!


I was wandering about on EBay a while ago and spotted a smaller Crowdy (60cm) for what I thought was a reasonable price. So I waited for some lucky person to snag it and.... No one did.  The listing expired and I thought that would be that.  Then up it popped again, greatly reduced.  Someone must nab it this time I thought... nope!  So when it turned up again at a totally RIDICULOUS price I had a word with DH and put in a bid that I was convinced would be way below the final price - after all do you all not know what a fantastic maker of wheels Mr Crowdy was?
Obviously not!  I got it on a maiden bid and Freyalyn and Awesome Husband Mark were kind enough to collect it for me from Yorkshire.  
It did need some care, having been stored who only knows where, so at Wonderwool Wales, it started the next leg of it's journey south being left in the care of Joan and Clive of the Woodland Turnery. I have been so lucky as it was one of the last wheels that they have taken in to repair, wanting to concentrate on making more of their own, and who could complain at that!  
The DH then managed to  break himself and we couldn't collect it.  So Joan being the fabulous person that she is told me not to worry and popped in a safe place.  And miracle of miracles, this weekend Freya and Mark once again came to the rescue and dropped into Joan and Clive's on the way down to Cornwall and Swordfest 2017.
And here it is! A lovely little baby Crowdy, (only a 60cm wheel).  Furnished with a new Mother of All, bearings and Spindle, it spins like a dream and soon will be settled next to it's larger brother, in the meanwhile it has pride of place in the living room and is keeping me occupied when I'm too tired to get up the stairs to the big one.... My Majacraft Suzy has been a little neglected this week but I'm sure it will all settle soon.  In the meanwhile, did I mention?  I've got a new wheel...


Shiela Dixon said…
They both look very special. And how people have helped with the transport - what a great community we're part of!
Sarah Dewfall said…
I so agree, on both points!