A shopping trip...

View from Minehead Harbour

Yesterday, we went shopping. I know, sexy eh?  Odd I know, but we occasionally take the opportunity to do this sort of thing in daylight. DH needed a break from what he was doing and I needed a break from the mountains of fine pink warp I am wrestling into submission at the moment. It really is that pink by the way, and will look amazing once firmly wrangled onto the Mighty Woolf.
So. After a relatively successful trip to Aldi in Minehead, we treated ourselves to a break before returning home. So we pottered along to the other end of town parked and did the whole retired 1960s thing of flask, sandwiches and pouring rain. Or in our case, a couple of bottles of water and a Caramel Yum Yum each.  And we were treated to the most fabulous view, (see above).
And as we sat there discussing what was planned for the rest of the week, vacuuming, clearing up the garage - both exercises as never ending as the continual painting of the Forth Bridge, we were treated to the most beautiful sight - an entire rainbow! And we both agreed, we are so lucky to live in a part of the world with such big skies.