Exciting things!

I have been busy as I mentioned in my last post, finishing tasks and moving forward.
That Spring day I mentioned has turned up. And trotting about town has once again become a reality rather than something that DH does when he needs his walk and/or we have run out of milk/cat food/lunch.
At the same time, I am really pleased to say that I have finally reached a balance on the whole breathing front (for now, touching all the wood I can find!).
Consequently, am now in a position to have a proper order book!  Yes, you heard right! I now am all growed up with a proper order book which is, as we speak, full until September! So. If you have so much yarn that you feel like you are drowning,and would prefer metres and metres of fabulous cloth you could do amazing things with contact me and we could have a chat.
And the rest of my afternoon is being spent wrangling a Twitter account, which is now up and limping (YarnspiderBTS) and, I'm on Instagram  (will these miracles never end?) All in all I think that is enough platforms for a self confessed Luddite! So to round off my day I'm off to design a business card.....