It has been a busy week

I have spent the majority of this week finishing cloth. Which I love to do.  The transformation from the weaving that leaves my loom, to a piece of textile that can be used and will stand up to that use, never ceases to fascinate and satisfy.
Above is a shawl that needed pressing trimming and finishing. This one is an experimental piece that is for me, and will be coming out at Wonderwool Wales.   Also this week I finished a piece that has been a part of my life for a long time, arriving 4 years ago as fleece, it was finally returned to the lovely people at Fernhill Farm as suiting fabric.  I was thrilled to bits with the welcome it got when we delivered it. (And I also had the privilege of snugging splendid new lambs.  So all in all a successful day in many ways)

As a treat for all this, I gave myself the weekend off and settled down to all things fibre.  (No, really, it is time off, these are things for me, well, mostly me).  I am determined to finish another project in the next few weeks.  This is the spinning section for some fabric, for me, that will eventually be a jacket I think.  For now it is just settling into being yarn and that was Baby Camel and Silk Fluff from both Freyalyn and Mandacrafts.  This project will be continuing for a while, but my goodness is it fun and colourful.

And because I can rarely walk away from awesome fibre, this fabulous fluff came home from Fernhill with me. Oh My Goodness! It is very very high quality stuff!  I heard Fernhill fleece being described as some of the best in the country the other day and I really find myself agreeing.  DH wandered into the kitchen where he discovered this fabulous fluff drying (it has reverted to rain here.  Now, isn't that a surprise!).  His only comment was a sigh and the observation that everything is getting back to normal.  It has been a long time since we had wet fleece about the place, I hadn't realised how much I miss it, especially the smell.
Finally, I decided that it was time I had some more business cards. And they arrived as well, in plenty of time for Wonderwool. I ordered them from Moo, and as always they were just what I was looking for and on recycled cotton to boot! So pleased with the robust quality finish.  In fact it has been a very satisfying week all round.