Hope everyone had a good Easter...

IMAG0150 We did, although has whizzed by far too fast!  No new pix at the moment as most things are at the 'just do a little more and then...' stage, but they are doing.  Slowly. 

My arch Nemesis the Rape Seed plant is making a move to surround the house at the moment and making a pretty good fist of it!  From the front I can see 7 fields and the back 15!  (These do include some that are involved in the siege of Bridgwater, but hey!  Share the love I say).  So it's pretty much a case of hunkering down, taking meds & trying not to wheeze too much!

With DH help we totally rearranged my workshop yesterday, so now I have much more natural light to spin by and space, lots of space!  Now all I have to do is use it...  DH remarked that there was a distinct lack of colour about in there at the moment, so I shall have to get busy! (I know, I can hear the hollow laughter from here).

Well, Off to sort the washing & do other of the borings that mean I can then scoot off to said workshop before lunch.  More blog with colour soon.