Monday, 15 October 2012

I haven't posted because....

IMAG0271I have been busy.  In between languishing with knitting, I really have been a little bee.  Look what I've got?  Whee!

So, before you all start scratching your heads (the non-fibre ones amongst you anyway).  It's for darning holes.  Now I've never successfully managed to darn a hole in my life.  No, really.  It always, without fail, has gone wrong.  So when Freyalyn started raving about hers, I thought I would give the whole darning thing one last try... 

And this is how it works....  isn't it just neat and dandy?  Basically, it forms a neat little warp and you sew the weft to the material you are mending whilst you weave!  It's just so spiffy, I got quite excited. (You find them on EBay by the way under Speedweve.  And no, I haven't spelt it wrong).

Now.  DH was kind enough to donate a couple of pairs of socks to the experiment.  He said there was only a hole in each pair.  He fibbed, look, see?

IMAG0274But it was just so much fun, I suspect I shall be finding lots more for my new little gizmo to do. 

There's that hand knitted blanket that the moths munched..... mwahaha....

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