So after the news I've had I'm taking the rest of the week off...

Finally!  I have got to see my Neurologist and I officially have brain damage. not that he is sure what caused it mind, just that it's there.  And, oh.  If any more weird things start to happen, ring him and we can talk about it... (and maybe shove me back in the MRI machine again to see if I have more damage.  The more damage, the more likely he is to be able to say what has caused it)


I'm taking the rest of the week off as I'm not supposed to have any stress... neither physical or mental, not even a cold....

Sorry. Ahem.  I've stopped laughing now.

So I shall spend Easter resting.  (For resting read spinning and knitting and maybe, by Monday back to weaving as well.)

Meanwhile, it may be a bit of time before I answer anyone on any platform.  As I really do need some time out. Happy Easter to all.